"AB Aija", Individual merchant, Taxi services

"AB Aija", Individual merchant, Taxi services

E.Veidenbauma 4-4, Tukums, Tukuma n., LV-3101, Latvia www.ab-aija.lv

About company

SP "AB Aija" already more than 10 years provides qualitative and affordable taxi services in Tukums and its surroundings, if necessary, providing transport services in whole Latvia and even beyond. Taxi transport is carried out at any time of the day without holidays. We also provide taxi with two drivers to get home also client's car. In its turn, companies have the opportunity to advertise on "AB Aija" cars.


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4 december 2019, 17:00
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Legal information

Registration certificate number 49202001607

VAT number LV49202001607

Legal address Engures nov., Engures pag., Plieņciems, Avotu iela 6, LV-3113

Owners 1

Founded 01.10.1992

Number of officials 1


Working time


Sunday: 00:00-24:00

Monday: 00:00-24:00

Tuesday: 00:00-24:00

Wednesday: 00:00-24:00

Thursday: 00:00-24:00

Friday: 00:00-24:00

Saturday: 00:00-24:00


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