Car lifts, gates, overhead gates, garages, prefabricated garages. Modular
buildings, (filling stations, office buildings, school, sports centers,
educational institutions). Parking lifts, car parking lifts, lift constructions,
lift construction on a basement. Building structures. Automatic parking,
car parking, automated parking systems, garage elevators, car lift
construction, lift, elevator which can be used to park the car in the
basement, sheds for machines, terraces, sheds, awnings over the balconies,
porch canopies, awnings over the balconies, fencings, railings from
glass fiber, composite profiles, railings for disabled ramps, prefabricated
garden houses, sheds, snow cleaning machines, snow-cleaning machine
equipment four-wheel drive car, snow plow, sand-salt spreader, load
control systems on roofs, (for snow)
Car lift construction Teika, Garage elevators Teika