"Atehs", Ltd.

"Atehs", Ltd.

Baldones 1, Riga, LV-1007, Latvia www.atehs.lv


Small-scale modular buildings as a construction trend in Latvia have begun relatively recently, but this modern technology is slowly gaining popularity. The basic idea of houses is to simplify access to a small, neat building as much as possible without even starting construction. Not everyone can afford to build a large family home on an individual project, it takes a long time to build and is not always an affordable solution. By contrast, modular homes can be built very quickly, anywhere and in any weather, at an affordable price.


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Registration certificate number 40003859705

VAT number LV40003859705

Legal address Rīga, Baldones iela 1, LV-1007

Submitted of annual reports 2019

Owners 1

Founded 25.09.2006

Number of officials 1


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SIA "Atehs" – moduļu māju projektēšana un izgatavošana

Moduļu mājas, pateicoties to daudzajām priekšrocībām, ir iemantojušas lielu popularitāti un augstu pieprasījumu visā pasaulē. Priekšrocības, ko nodrošina SIA "Atehs" moduļu mājas, ir ātra izgatavošana pēc individuāla pasūtījuma, uzstādīšana un ekspluatācijas iespējas jau tūlīt pēc uzstādīšanas.

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