"Aurakmens", Individual merchant

"Aurakmens", Individual merchant

Babite, "Mazares", Babites p., Babites n., LV-2101, Latvia


When ordering a tombstone, most people choose a traditional Latvian boulder monument, which is also granite. But such stone is not obtained by industrial processing, it is most often found in the field, on land, on rivers, and on the seashore, and they come in many shapes and colors. Over time, natural corrosion has given these stone blocks a rounded shape. In Latvia there are large rocks of stone, which are mentioned as protected natural minerals. Monuments made of Latvian boulder differ in their unique individuality because there are no two identical stones in nature. When ordering a monument from a boulder, you will have to take into account the considerable length of the manufacturing process as well as the significant cost of transporting and installing it. Our company offers high quality monuments made from Latvian boulder, which will give the memorial complex a special traditional connection with the land of Latvia!

The company is engaged in graveyard improvement, sale of monuments and grave enclosures, greening, restoration works. We have extensive experience in processing Latvian boulder and Scandinavian granite. As well as the company offers to buy Italian marble sculptures for both cemeteries and garden interiors.


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