"Baltic Color", Ltd., Powder painting, Shot blasting, Sand blast

"Baltic Color", Ltd., Powder painting, Shot blasting, Sand blast

Ledurgas 3 (Mangali, Sarkandaugava, Mezaparks), Riga, LV-1034 www.pulverkrasosanas.lv
Powder painting

Powder painting

Shot blasting

Shot blasting

Sale of "Consus" powder paints

Sale of "Consus" powder paints

About company Baltic Color

“BALTIC COLOR” SIA (BCW) is a team of professionals with twenty years of experience in the Latvian and European markets, performing powder coating and shot blasting services, offers powder coating of metal products in 2 lines - TAISS Italy.
  • 1. Automatic powder line 1500x900x9500 mm (3,000 mm) (height x width x length)
  • 2. Oversized line 3000x2700x5400 mm (height x width .x length)
Weight up to 700 kg
  • 3. On-line treatment with chemical anti-corrosion metal surface protection
  • 4. Efficient cleaning of parts by shot blasting.
The workshop is equipped with:
  • 1. With Italian TAISS brand professional painting equipment.
  • 2. with Italian professional chemical metal surface anti-corrosion protection line - TAISS Italy.
  • 3. with professional spray guns - Gema - Switzerland
  • 4. professional equipment Clemco - metal shot blasting

  • "BALTIC COLOR" Ltd. (BCW) is a representative of the powder paint manufacture "CONSUS", Poland, in the territory of Latvia.

    Shot blasting - a highly efficient and irreplaceable metal surface treatment technology before powder coating. Shot blasting takes place in a special chamber. (Maximum size of the part - 9000x3500x3000 mm). Shots fed at a pressure of 8 bar through an air abrasive jet gap aimed at the surface of the part allow you to: remove old paint, various dirt and coatings, protect against rust. Apply the required surface roughness before applying the powder coating, protect against slag, smoothes unevenness, mattes the metal surface, removes oxide films from the metal before welding. Shot blasting allows complete metal cleaning and gives roughness, which ensures good adhesion between the metal and the powder coating. Among other things, shot blasting strengthens the metal crystal lattice. It becomes much more durable and less receptive. We can offer the best prices just for you. Delivery possible.


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