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rent a bathhouse in Kuldiga, In Saldus, Skrunda. Offers a lease of
a barrel in Sigulda and Riga. Sauna barrel, oval, with full equipment
and Led lights. Rent an oval wheelchair. The sauna has an anteroom
with two side bench and a dresser with 65 cm wide boards. The advantage
of an oval bath is the spaciousness of the room, which allows 6 people
to feel very free. Bathhouse has LED lighting, which works with the
battery, so there is no need to worry about electricity. Fireplace
with firewood from the outside. Up to 100 degrees warm up for less
than an hour. Buckets rental. Rent a movable tub. Bathhouse Includes
a bath furnace, bath stones, temperature index, hoops, decorative sauna
barrel roof cover. A variety of interior decoration types are available
for the barrels, different types of windows and types of sauna stoves.
There are 2 types of heating in this kind of sauna: from the inside,
from the outside. A well-designed ventilation system is installed on
the barrel, which makes it more enjoyable. There is a special water
drainage area on the bath floor. Sauna ritual with sauna guy, bath-house
attendant, bath ritual. The sauna ritual includes the introduction
therapy with fresh leaves aromas, heating with sauna tassel, massage
with sauna tassel, beating with baths tassels, scrub coating, honey
or fresh fruit for the body.