Bērsones L. family doctor practice

Bērsones L. family doctor practice

Brivibas gatve 430, Riga, LV-1024, Latvia

About practice

Family doctor Līgas Bērsones practice is located in Riga, Jugla, Brīvības gatve 430, on the first floor. The building has an opportunity with the help of staff to provide health care services to persons with disabilities.

It is possible to receive such health care services in a doctor's practice as:

  • initial and repeated medical examination due to illness
  • preventive examination
  • inspection for work Form 27
  • medical certificate of health condition for a trip abroad
  • issuance of a medical certificate in a foreign language
  • issuance of a duplicate medical document in case of loss
  • tick-borne encephalitis vaccine for children and adults
  • inhalation of medicines in the doctor's practice and outside it
  • removal of blood tests in the doctor's practice and at the patient's home
  • tick removal
  • issuance of a vaccination passport
  • examination by a doctor before vaccination
  • home visit

  • Contacts


Working time


Sunday: holiday,
workingtime holiday

Monday: 14:00-16:00,

Tuesday: 8:15-10:15,

Wednesday: 14:30-16:30,

Thursday: 8:15-10:15,

Friday: 8:00-10:00,

Saturday: holiday,
workingtime holiday


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