Horizontal drilling. Land perforating. Heat supply, ventilation, water
supply and drainage system design, construction work performing, management,
construction supervision. Internal, external utilities construction.
Refurbishment of apartments, building construction. Construction machinery
(excavator), (tractor) rental. CCTV, trenchless method, horizontal
drilling. Pipeline diagnostics. Improvement. Punching. Communication
construction with trenchless method. Large-size rock crushing. Design
works for engineering communications and buildings. General construction
and repair. Land piercing equipment from 1m well. Horizontal boring
machines “Grundodrill”. Pipeline TV diagnostics. Turbine flow meters.
Water flow meters. Fuel flow meters. Chemical substance flow meters.
Flow restrictors. Flow regulators. Closed transition construction under
railways and roads, drilling or ramming the shells. Works in lowering
of groundwater level with needle filter equipment. Road transport,
tractor and excavator services. Electricity network installation up
to 1000 volts. Water-shoot cleaning. Greening. Paving. Pavement milling.
Concrete drilling 350mm in diameter up to 0,7m in thickness. Car crane
services. Crushed stone foundation construction. Wastewater biological
purification plant construction. Drinking water iron removal station
construction. Generator, compressor and water pump rental. Road construction,
street, area construction, construction, paving, paving, asphalt pavement
emplacement, construction, asphalt paving dismantling. Dismantling
works, building demolition, industrial object, building demolition.