"Dezinfektors-1", Ltd.

"Dezinfektors-1", Ltd.

Sejas 49c, Riga, LV-1058, Latvia


The company was established in 1984, but after reorganization in 1994 formed the company "Dezinfektors-1". In company works experienced, professional and responsible team. We provide sanitary services to legal entities and individuals in Riga and Riga region. We conclude long-term service contracts with shops, factories, schools, restaurants, hospitals, landlords, house managers, guest houses, cafes, kindergartens, sanatoriums, recreational complexes, sports complexes. We provide sanitary services: Pest control: rodent (mice and rat) destruction and liquidation; Disinsection: flying, crawling insect destruction (cockroaches, flies, roaches, fleas, ants, mosquitoes); Disinfection: space and cellar treatment. Motor vehicle washing and disinfection. Documentation, conclusion preparation and issuing.


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Legal information

Registration certificate number 40103135092

VAT number LV40103135092

Legal address Rīga, Tēriņu iela 58, LV-1058

Submitted of annual reports 2019

Owners 2

Founded 16.09.1994

Number of officials 1


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