"Eco Baltia vide", SIA, Klientu apkalpošanas centrs Tukums

Dienvidu 2, Tukums, Tukuma n., LV-3101, Latvia

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Debris removal, containers for rent, waste removal, waste collection,
domestic waste, snow removal, waste storage, household appliances collection.
Domestic waste. Household waste management, household waste disposal.
Waste collection, removal. Waste. Waste management. Garbage bags. Waste
containers. Biowaste. BIO waste. Edible oil collection, 3rd category
waste. Waste sorting area. Sorted waste free transfer, acceptance,
collection, (cardboard, waste paper, newspapers, books, film, pet,
plastic, glass bottles). Secondary raw material collection, removal).
Free waste paper, PET, plastic (plastic) film (films), paper, cardboard
- collection, removal. Request your sorted waste container. Containers
for glass, containers for cardboard, paper, containers PET and plastic.
Production waste. Bulky waste, (furniture). Removal of leaves, collection
of leaves, (etc. "green" waste). Green waste. Used tyres - collection.
Containers, construction waste, bulky waste. Debris removal. Containers
for rent. Debris container lease, rent. Construction waste removal
with containers, (7 m, 8 m, 10 m, 16 m, 22 m ). Debris removal with
dump truck. Debris removal with containers. Construction waste containers.
Debris, waste container rental (rent). Construction waste, construction
waste, production waste, bulky waste. Waste electronics, electronic
goods, electrical and electronic appliances waste (WEEE) removal, collection,
(Refrigerator, washing machines, tv, computer, monitor, printer). Household
appliances collection. Snow cleaning, snow collection, snow removal.
Territory cleaning. Territory cleaning works. Sanitation, Biotoilets,
bio toilet rental, sewerage cleaning, disinfection, grease catcher
cleaning. Greening. Beach management, motor crane, customer service
– Riga's region, Jurmala, Babite district, Tukums, Talsi, Roja, Kandava,
Jaunpils, Mērsrags, Engures, Dagdas, Rundas districts. Bulk cargo transportation,
territory maintenance and management works. Traffic control tool installation
and maintenance. Salt - sand mixture. Road cleaning, car repair workshop
services, bell containers, heavy machinery services, truck tyre purchase
and change, tractor equipment services.