Bearing - industrial, linear, support, radial, needle, body, ball-type,
plain bearings, stupica, for equipment, for light, for heavy, for trucks,
motor vehicle, for tractors, tractor. For agricultural and forestry
machinery, equipment, for combines, harvester, for trailers, trailer,
gear boxes, gear box, transmission, reducer, electric motor, for trains,
for ships, for woodworking, saw, chainsaw, repair, car bearings, bearing
housings, body, supports, hub bearings, rolls, tensioner rollers, tensioner
rollers, (SKF- Sweden, FAG, INA, LUK - Germany, KOYO, NTN, NSK, Nachi,
ASAHI - Japan, SNR - France, TIMKEN - ASV, ZKL - Czech Republic, FERSA
– Spain, CX - Poland, as well as Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, China etc..
Belts, v-belts, timing belts, variator belts, modifier, transmission,
thin, flat drives, (CONTITECH - Germany, GOOD YEAR – ASV). Chain, driving
chains, motorcycle chains, (TSUBAKI - Japan, KETTENWULF – Germany).
Conveyor, conveyor belts, metal tapes, belt junctions, (FORBO SIEGLING
- Germany, ASHWORTH - Netherlands). Lock rings, rings, cogwheel, sprockets,
pullers, seals, packing gland, transaxial clutches, rubber rings, o-rings,
o-rings, o-rings, dust guards, cuffs, pulleys, salniki, axle-box, sealants,
axle-box, tension members, screws, pulley, mounts. Lubricants, (SHELL)
oils and tools. Retail, trade, and wholesale. Welding wire, work gloves,
belt junctions, sprockets, gear blanks, industrial plastic, electronic,
digital packing glands, bearing pullers, heaters, puller, heater rental,
rent, transmissions , welding electrodes, infrared non-contact thermometers.
ZKL, Tsubaki, Nachi, TTO, ZWZ, CONTINENTAL CONTITECH. Sealants. Lanyards,
TIMBERJACS, Pahsse, hanger apple, balance bearings, for seeding-machine,
for seeding-machines, seeding-machine bearings, bearings for conditioners,
air-conditioner bearings. In Riga, In Rezekne, In Jelgava, In Saldus,
In Madona, In Valmiera, In Liepaja, In Aizkraukle, In Ventspils, In