"Gustiņš", children and family education and recreation center

"Gustiņš", children and family education and recreation center

Ciekurkalna 2.linija 31a, Riga, LV-1026, Latvia www.gustins.lv


"GUSTIŅŠ" - the child's second home, where the child feels free, is understood and anticipated, creative and imaginative rich. These are houses where the individuality of each child is perfected. In partnership with parents of children, try to grow up with the child, look for new ways of cooperation, just a genuine interest in each child, and not lose patience. But the main thing is to love!


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Registration certificate number 40008084735

VAT number LV40008084735

Bank "Swedbank"

Bank Account LV13HABA0551030106546

Legal address Rīga, Čiekurkalna 2. līnija 31A, LV-1026

Submitted of annual reports 2014

Owners 0

Founded 14.09.2004

Number of officials 2

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