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"Intema", Ltd., Exposition place

"Intema", Ltd., Exposition place

Riga, Cesu 31B, LV 1012

About company

Ltd. "Intema" is in 2010 founded company that deals with upholstered furniture and mattress custom-production. Thus, each bed or sofa is non-standard, as is being prepared individually, taking into account the customers' needs - size, shape, used materials, style and operating conditions. The company provides a full range of services: cooperation with designers, technologist consultations, space measurement, various furniture layout option viewing and 3D modeling. Ltd. "Intema" works with leading European mattress and bed accessories manufacturers.


  • Beds (Linde Devon, Junior Notting, Indi Devon, Royal Devon, Royal Notting, Panel York, York Devon, Bedford, Notting)
  • Mattresses (Classic, MultiPocket, Universe, Royal, Elite, mattresses for hotels, mattresses for children, upper mattresses)
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Accessories

  • Advantages:

    • High-quality and certified materials
    • In furniture industry experienced professionals
    • Competent service and individual approach
    • Price and quality proportionality

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