"Izoterms", Ltd., metal structure production

"Izoterms", Ltd., metal structure production

Dreilini, Noliktavu 5, Stopinu n., LV-2130, Latvia www.izoterms.lv
Manufacture of non-standard metal structures

Manufacture of non-standard metal structures

Metal processing

Metal processing

Insulated piping systems

Insulated piping systems

about the company

Since its inception, IZOTERMS has carefully planned its development strategy in the field of industrial production. Since the launch of the metal wrap in 1991, the company has focused its position on the Baltic market as a manufacturer and supplier of construction metal structures. Since 1999, the company also manufactures insulated piping systems for district heating networks.


  • Metal constructions
  • Thin wall metal constructions
  • Isolated piping systems


Over the years, an experienced and professional team of production and engineering technicians has developed. The structure of the company consists of 2 designer construction bureaus, 2 production complexes, a group of construction and assembly specialists and a retail unit. Today, the sale of metal scrap in Riga is carried out in new and modernly equipped closed warehouses with a total area of 16 thousand square meters. The company also offers customs warehousing and warehousing services. Access to warehouses is provided by convenient rail and road access roads.


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Legal information

Legal address Inčukalna nov., Vangaži, Gaujas iela 24, LV-2136

Submitted of annual reports 2018

Owners 1

Founded 19.06.1991

Number of officials 2


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SIA "Izoterms" – metālapstrāde, metāla konstrukcijas, metāla loksnes

Ļoti bieži gadās situācijas, kad dažādu metāla konstrukciju izgatavošanai ir grūti atrast vajadzīgos izejmateriālus un gatavās detaļas, kas saistīts ar gatavo izstrādājumu augstajām izmaksām, neatbilstošu kvalitāti un daudziem citiem faktoriem. Šādos gadījumos lieti noder metālapstrāde