Kalndruvas bloks, LTD

Kalndruvas bloks, LTD

Kākciems, "Kalndruvas" , Ropažu pagasts, Ropažu nov. www.kalndruvas.lv






About the company

LTD "Kalndruvas bloks" - a rapidly developing production company. Modern high-tech equipment enables the production of high-quality products: paving stones, concrete blocks, expanded clay concrete blocks and concrete products. LTD "Kalndruvas bloks" positions itself in the Latvian market as a multidisciplinary company. Apart from our own production, we also carry out paving, landscaping, gardening and further maintenance.


Delivery is made at a time agreed with the customer to the specified address. The price includes delivery and unloading using a manipulator. Additional work at the unloading site is performed by agreement.
The calculation is made from the factory in Kākciems, Ropaži municipality in both directions( if the distance to the object from the factory is 40 km, then you have to pay 96 EUR for 80 km) .

  • Car with trailer and unloading - 1.20 euros/km
  • The price of one wooden tray is 6.00 euros. The pallet return time is two months. After that, we return only 50% of the value.


LTD "Kalndruvas bloks" the manufactured building materials meet uniform standards: LVS EN 1338: 2004 or LVS EN 1340: 2003 / AC: 2007. All products are produced by vibropressing method on modern equipment. The painted cobblestone is 100% filled with paint( the whole mass is colored) .


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Legal information

Registration certificate number 40003910009

VAT number LV40003910009

Legal address "Kalndruvas", Kākciems, Ropažu pag., Ropažu nov., LV-2135

Submitted of annual reports 2022

Owners 3

Founded 26.03.2007

Number of officials 2


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