Dārznieks, Farm Kliģeni

Dārznieks, Farm Kliģeni

Ābolu 12, Cēsis LV-4101 www.darznieks.lv/


Flower delivery

Flower delivery



The largest vegetable grower in the Vidzeme region

Z/s "Kligeni" is the largest vegetable grower in the Vidzeme region, whose assortment includes large-fruited tomatoes, yellow plum tomatoes and small cherry tomatoes, as well as long cucumbers. Tomatoes are harvested in April, and cucumbers - from the end of March.
The company is proud of its quality awards - Green spoon for the high quality of vegetables.

Z/s "Kligeni" greenhouses are open all year round

In summer, we grow a wide range of summer flowers - petunias, velvets, ice flowers, begonias, lobelias, various marigolds, etc. ., as well as hanging summer flower pots - begonias, geraniums, petunias, bacopas, various green plants and many more different summer flowers.
We plant flower compositions, balcony boxes.
In autumn, we are rich with a variety of chrysanthemums.
In winter - poinsettias, cyclamen and hyacinths.
In spring - primroses, hyacinths, tulips, daffodils, widows and other spring potted flowers. We plant different types of plant compositions in baskets and pots.

Z/s "Kligeni" performs landscaping, beautification and maintenance works

For several years, Z/s "Kligeni" maintains the green area of the city of Cēsi. We are responsible for the cleaning and beautification of Cēsi Castle Park, Maija Park, Vienības Square, as well as several other objects in the city of Cēsi.


  • Phone +371 64122108M. T. W. T. F. (8-16³⁰)
  • Greenhouse opening hours:
  • E-mail info@darznieks.lv
  • From August to April: M. T. W. T. F. (8⁰⁰-18⁰⁰) Sat. (8⁰⁰-15⁰⁰)
  • From April to August: M. T. W. T. F. (8⁰⁰-18⁰⁰) Sat. (8⁰⁰-16⁰⁰) Sun. (9⁰⁰-14⁰⁰)
  • Branches:
  • "Gardener", shop - J. Poruka street 19( T/c "SOLO" ), Cesis, Cesis n., LV-4101 64123201
  • "Gardener", shop - Church Square 2( T/c "Top" ), Smiltene, Smiltenes n., LV-4729 64772181
  • Internet address http://www.darznieks.lv

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Legal information

Registration certificate number 49501007086

VAT number LV49501007086

Bank "SEB banka", Cēsu filiāle

Bank Account LV80UNLA0004000643212

Legal address Cēsu nov., Cēsis, Ābolu iela 12, LV-4101

Submitted of annual reports 2021

Owners 1

Founded 17.03.1992

Number of officials 1


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Teju trīskāršojusies Valmieras un Cēsu pašvaldību ilggadējās sadarbības partneres - saimniecības "Kliģeni" - peļņa

Rīga, 13.febr., LETA. 2018.gadā gandrīz trīsreiz lielāku peļņu sasniegusi zemnieku saimniecība "Kliģeni", kas vairākus gadus nodrošina pakalpojumus Valmieras un Cēsu novada pašvaldībām, noskaidroja aģentūra LETA.

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