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Sanda Kraukle, sworn advocate

Sanda Kraukle, sworn advocate

Meistaru, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia
About me

About me



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About attorney

Sworn attorney Sanda Kraukle provides attorney services and lawyer advice in Riga for individuals and legal entities. Represents the interests of the client before the courts, as well as prepare legal documents.

Legal services:

  • Consultation, preparation of various documents and representation in court
  • Preparation of various contracts
  • Legal assistance in debt recovery proceedings
  • Legal assistance in succession proceedings
  • Legal assistance in tax disputes
  • Initiation and administration of insolvency proceedings of natural and legal persons
  • Legal assistance for all types of real estate transactions
  • Establishment of capital companies, registration of changes, reorganization and liquidation
  • Legal assistance in disputes with public administration institutions
  • Provision of defense in administrative infringement cases
  • Legal assistance in criminal matters at pre-trial stage
  • Legal assistance in divorce proceedings and the distribution of property of spouses
  • Corporate complex legal service
  • Legal assistance in case of honor and dignity
  • Legal assistance in matters of medical law (claim for damages, cases of administrative violations, etc.)

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    Carnikavas, Garkalnes, Inčukalna, Mālpils, Mārupes, Ropažu, Stopiņu, Sējas, Ādažu novadi, Allažu, Babītes, Baldones, Daugmales, Krimuldas, Lēdurgas, Mores, Olaines, Salas, Salaspils, Saulkrastu, Siguldas, Ķekavas pagasti, Baldone, Baloži, Jūrmala, Olaine, Rīga, Salaspils, Saulkrasti, Sigulda, Vangaži

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