"Lasa Med", Ltd., Narcological Clinic, Aleksandrs Jekimovs

"Lasa Med", Ltd., Narcological Clinic, Aleksandrs Jekimovs

Maskavas 58, Riga, LV-1003, Latvia

About the company

SIA "Lasa Med" was founded in 2005. Works as a DAILY NARCOLOGY CENTER. Medical institution code 0100-00183 Aleksandra Jekimova Narcology Center provides qualified assistance in the treatment of alcoholism. Our clinic offers modern, effective treatments for alcoholism, prevention of withdrawal conditions, including detoxification, inpatient and outpatient consultations, as well as home visits. Your recovery is our concern!

Company pros

  • Daily consultations with several narcologists, psychiatrists and other specialists are possible
  • Examination by a narcologist-psychiatrist is provided
  • Each customer is treated personally, confidentially and anonymously
  • The clinic has a cozy atmosphere, modern furnishings, orthopedic mattresses
  • Home visits by a narcologist
  • It is possible to organize a trip abroad to provide assistance

  • Availability of services

    The company provides its services throughout the territory of Latvia. Clients also have access to a 24-hour hospital, where the supervision of a doctor and a physician's assistant is provided. The company also provides trips abroad if the client needs help while abroad. Trips can be arranged upon request.


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    Legal information

    Registration certificate number 40003720170

    VAT number LV40003720170

    Legal address Rīga, Kurbada iela 5-4, LV-1009

    Submitted of annual reports 2019

    Owners 2

    Founded 05.01.2005

    Number of officials 2


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Working time


Sunday: 00:00-24:00

Monday: 00:00-24:00

Tuesday: 00:00-24:00

Wednesday: 00:00-24:00

Thursday: 00:00-24:00

Friday: 00:00-24:00

Saturday: 00:00-24:00



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