"Mana Galdnieciba", Ltd.

"Mana Galdnieciba", Ltd.

"Dreimani", Padures p., Kuldigas n., LV-3321, Latvia www.managaldnieciba.lv


Latvian talent is the art of creating beautiful and useful things. One of such masters of his talent is Maris Stepanovs, the owner of a carpentry "Mana galdniecība" in Kuldīga district, where windows, doors, furniture, stairs and other wooden products are made. In 2016, "Mana galdniecība" was nominated for the New Company of the Year award. The production of "Mana galdniecība" is a thorough hand work and is made by individual order. Here you can realize any desire - both standard and non-standard, using both wood and laminate. Any product goes through a full production cycle. In the process of creation, the client also participates with his vision of what the end product should look like. The company continues to grow and develop, following the latest fashion trends in design. The company has a CE certificate for manufacturing windows and doors.


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Legal information

Registration certificate number 41203053660

VAT number LV41203053660

Legal address Kuldīgas nov., Padures pag., "Dreimaņi", LV-3321

Submitted of annual reports 2018

Owners 1

Founded 07.01.2015

Number of officials 1


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