Custom-made furniture. Furniture and equipment for bars, for cafes,
for restaurants, for shopping centers, for shops, casino, for gambling
halls, for orphanages, for hotels, for hospitals, valsts un sabiedriskajām
iestādēm: tables, chairs, showcases, counters, clothes hangers, beds
- single and bunk beds, mobile and folding. Accessories and fittings
for sofas, for beds, for cabinet furniture, doors, windows, for gates.
Packing tapes. Polypropylene tape, polypropylene. Packaging, packaging
tape. Gates, fencings. Springs, spring blocks for mattresses and upholstered
furniture. Mattresses for upholstered furniture and beds. Powder painting
and surface decorative coatings, galvanizing, (galvanization) vacuum
metallization, (A1, TiN, Zn, Ni, CR) gilded, chrome, aluminium, copper,
surface mirror smooth and textured. Zinc alloy and plastic casting.
Fixing components, hinges, handles, furniture transformation mechanisms.
Non-standard structures from steel pipes and profiles for houses, for
offices, for gardens and allotments, for ships, for industrial and
construction sites. Design and construction. Presses and mold manufacturing.
Folding structures. Ready-made products trade.
Metal processing Dārzciems