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    • Monday:800-2000
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    • Thursday:800-2000
    • Friday:800-2000
    • Saturday:900-1500
    Healing. Outpatient, medical aid, outpatient clinic. Doctor, doctors,
    doctor reception, doctors specialists, family doctor. Specialist adoption.
    Internist, (therapist). Pediatrician, (pediatricians). Otolaryngologist,
    ENT. Ophthalmologist, ophthalmologist children, eye doctor. Endocrinologist.
    Neurologist, neurologist children. Surgeon, surgeons, vascular surgeon,
    children surgeon. Children gastroenterologist, gastroenterologist.
    Hepatologist. Oncologist. Speech therapist. Nephrologist. Cardiologists,
    cardiologist children, cardiocenter. Gynaecologists, gynaecologist,
    gynaecology, obstetrician. Dermatovenerologist, dermatologist. Urologist.
    Endocrinologist. Proctologist, proctologist children. Nutrition specialist.
    Masseur, masseurs, massage. Physiotherapist, children's physiotherapist.
    Infectiologist. Osteoporosis specialist. Narcologist. Psychiatrists,
    psychiatrist children, psychotherapist. Psychologists, psychologist.
    Rheumatologist. Traumatologist orthopedist, children's. Vertebrologist.
    Pneumonologist. Laboratory tests, laboratory, laboratory tests, analysis.
    Rehabilitation services, rehabilitation. Physical therapy. Infusion,
    infusion cabinet. Manual and acupuncture therapy, acupuncture and manual therapist,
    therapy. Visual and functional diagnostics, diagnostics. Radiology,
    diagnostic radiology. Digital x-ray, X-ray, x-ray, radioscopy. Ultrasonography,
    sonography, USG. Echocardiography, (heart abnormality detection).
    Hotlera 24-hour monitoring, Holter. Veloergometry. Dopplerography,
    (head, neck, abdominal, arteries and veins condition evaluation).
    Spirometry. Audiometry. Computer tomography, CT. Coronagraphy. Neurography.
    Electromyography, (central nervous system disease diagnosis). Electrocardiography.
    Fibrogastroscopy. Colonoscopy. Angiography. Endoscopy. Electroencephalography.
    Magnetic resonance, MR. Irigoscopy. Urography. Organ aspiration biopsy.
    Osteodensitometry, (bone density detection). Digital mammography,
    mamography, mammography, (breast examination). Prophylactic examinations,
    (for work, in sanitary certificate) sanitary certificate. Occupational health committee,
    (for weapons permits receiving; for receiving of driver license;
    Medical certificate receiving. Vaccinations, vaccination, (against influenza,
    tick-borne encephalitis, B hepatitis, diphtheria, tetanus). Colposcopy,
    videocolposcopy. Cryotherapy. Cardiotocography, KTG, fetal heart tones record.
    Women's health center, Vita. Pregnant women gymnastics, pregnant woman.
    School for becoming parents, lectures for new mothers, lessons for future parents.
    Cervical cancer, oncocytological analysis, cytological analysis,
    invitation letters. Primary and secondary health care for adults and children.
    Signed contracts with insurance companies.