"Niedres.lv", Ltd.

"Niedres.lv", Ltd.

Juglas 1, Riga, LV-1024, Latvia www.niedrumajas.lv

About company

Niedrumajas.lv. Ecological roofs! We offer roofing services! We carry out works with a high sense of responsibility, qualitatively and in short terms. We offer our services in roofing using ecological materials. Such as canes, tiles, green roofs, shingles or chips, and also we offer roofs for gazebos, create decorative details for the roof decks. Roofing materials, canes and shingles are also offered.

Specialists in roofing

Our employees are highly qualified specialists with a lot of work experience in roofer work, as evidenced by the certificates obtained in the craftsmanship. Our skills and knowledge allows to complete all your orders within the specified time and in high quality.


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Legal information

Registration certificate number 44103090530

VAT number LV44103090530

Legal address Beverīnas nov., Trikātas pag., "Robežnieki", LV-4731

Submitted of annual reports 2018

Owners 1

Founded 23.01.2014

Number of officials 1


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Annual Report 2018.

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Niedru un lubiņu jumti. SIA "Niedres.lv"

Niedru jumts ir tradicionāls un dabīgs jumta materiāls. Niedru jumta ilgmūžība ir pārbaudīta gadsimtu gaitā. Niedru jumts ir gan seguma materiāls, gan skaņas izolācijas materiāls, gan siltināšanas materiāls. Vasarā zem niedru jumta ir patīkami vēss.

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