Bath-house, baths, guest house, guest houses, leisure activities, leisure
activities, billiards, football, volleyball, streetball, tent place,
tent places, steaming with brooms, pond, quiet resting place, recreation
by the forest, fireplace, fireplace sites, outdoor fireplace, celebrations
for up to 50 people, feast celebration, birthday parties, wedding place,
place for weddings, accessible to the disabled. Accommodation, overnight
stay, 3 log buildings comfortable houses for young people, shower,
TV, tv, WC, toilet, equipped kitchen, tub, hot tub, catering services,
lunch, celebrations, banquets, offsite banquets for up to 80 people,
food, table ordering, for celebrations, for celebrations, for feasts,
banquet, celebration tables, catering block. Cafe, festive lunch, feast
for newlyweds, for weddings, funerals, events.