"Oy Flinkenberg Ab"

"Oy Flinkenberg Ab"

Kuormaajankatu 3, 37600 Valkeakoski, Finland www.flinkenberg.fi/en/steel/

About company

Flinkenberg is Finnish company, steel service center. We are specialized in selling and processing of heavy steel plates. We deliver steel plates and cut parts from the wide range of materials. You can choose laser, water, plasma or gas cutting – with or without bevels – thin or thick – small or giant – stainless or black. The company employs 48 people, in 2019 the company processed 11,000 tons of steel sheets, and 5,600 tons were sold in full steel sheets.


  • Steel plates
  • Wear resistant steel XAR®
  • High strength steel N-A-XTRA700M®
  • High strength steel XABO 460T®
  • Fine grain steel PERFORM®
  • Structural steel S355, S420, S650
  • Stainless steel 1.4301, 1.4404, 1.4462
  • Ship building steel
  • Pressure vessels steel
  • Cutting services until t:250mm
  • Steel prefabricated parts


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Legal information

Registration certificate number FI01082343

VAT number FI01082343


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