Construction, building site equipment, scaffolding, fencings. Aluminium
ladders, towers. Pipelines for construction waste transportation. Construction
facade scaffoldings. Synthetic protective screen. Construction equipment
rent, hire, sale, trade. Storage equipment for all types of premises,
designing, trade. Stationary and mobile archive shelves, assembly.
Shelf systems. Shelves. Warehouse equipment, (machines) equipment,
equipment, trade. Folding sports tribunes, rental, rent, trade, trade.
Plastic protective nets for construction. Plastic grid, lattice for
lawn, for lawn. Aluminium ladders, towers. Anti-mole, (fighting) combating
lawn, grass protection mat. Pipelines for debris removal. Temporary
area fencing. Tube "sleeve" system. Two-storey warehouses. Pipelines
for construction waste transport. Aluminium tower rental, rent. Medical
furniture made of stainless steel. Stainless steel furniture for catering
companies, kitchens, kitchen furniture, cabinets, tanks, shelves, sinks,
from manufacturer upon individual order. Canteen equipment.
Construction equipment Šķirotava, Construction scaffolding Šķirotava, Plastic gratings for lawn Šķirotava, Scaffolding Šķirotava, Warehouse equipment Šķirotava