"Rolis", Ltd.

"Rolis", Ltd.

Ciekurkalna 2.linija 41, Riga, LV-1026, Latvia www.rolis.lv
Car service station

Car service station

Dažādu atuo aksesuāru tirdzniecība

Dažādu atuo aksesuāru tirdzniecība



About the company

SIA Rolis was founded in 1992 and since its foundation the main fields of business are car diagnostics, repair and maintenance, automotive spare parts trade. The company employs highly qualified and professional staff - both leading and engineering staff with appropriate education and experience.

Ltd. ROLIS performs in the Service:

  • All kinds of car engine operation and electrical system diagnostics and repair
  • Petrol and diesel engine diagnostics and repair
  • Car electrical and comfort system repair
  • Security system diagnostics and repair
  • Running gear diagnostics and repair
  • Car audio system installation and repair
  • Car power measurements on the bench
  • Assessment of technical condition of different cars
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Chiptuning

  • Advantages

    The service uses modern BOSCH diagnostic and repair equipment. For service employees, BOSCH provides training on auto systems, components and auto diagnostic equipment, thus providing a high level of specialist qualification. More and more car makers choose high-quality BOSCH assemblies and parts for their original equipment. SIA ROLIS is a BOSCH spare parts dealer in Latvia, therefore SIA ROLIS can offer original spare parts, with which the car is already equipped from the factory.


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    Legal information

    Registration certificate number 40003065013

    VAT number LV40003065013

    Bank "Swedbank"

    Bank Account LV11HABA0551009529099

    Legal address Rīga, Čiekurkalna 2. līnija 41, LV-1026

    Submitted of annual reports 2019

    Owners 1

    Founded 08.04.1992

    Number of officials 2


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