"Skaistuma Fabrika Nr.1", Ltd., Shop

"Skaistuma Fabrika Nr.1", Ltd., Shop

Stabu 13, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia www.sf1.lv


Our shop is happy to offer you qualitative products that gently treat your skin. Products for skin cleansing procedures, treatment, restoration. Skin care also includes different levels of depilation in any part of the body. Do you want to look fashionable, beautiful, attractive, want healthy and well-groomed hair, nails, skin? Then you should definitely become a customer of our beauty salon "Skaistuma Fabrika Nr.1". With us, you can get all the products you need for both women and men to improve your look and take care of your appearance.



Legal information

Registration certificate number 41203045216

VAT number LV41203045216

Legal address Ventspils, Lidotāju iela 18-18, LV-3602

Submitted of annual reports 2018

Owners 1

Founded 25.09.2012

Number of officials 1

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Sunday: holiday

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