BFT automatics

BFT automatics

Brīvības gatve 401c, Rīga LV-1024
Sliding gates

Sliding gates

Opening gates

Opening gates



About the company

BFT Access Automation is an automatics manufacturer. The product range includes: automation for sliding and swinging yard gates, garage gates, sliding piles( bollardi), barriers, parking systems, automatic doors, etc. . It is one of the leading manufacturers of automatic access systems for private, public and industrial areas and buildings( Italy, 1981) . BFT products have been available in Latvia since 1993. annual. 2015. in 2006, a subsidiary of BFT started operating with an office in Riga. BFT is a company of the Somfy Group.

BFT Access automation Latvia is a wholesaler of BFT automation

Our advantages and opportunities:
  • Wide range of products: various intensity automation for yard and garage gates, barriers, sliding piles, including anti-terrorism, parking systems, alarms, door automation, control systems for building and access point control.
  • Office and warehouse in Riga, Brīvības gatve 401c.
  • Multilingual support: russian, English, Latvian.
  • Thoughtful, modern and innovative products and design.
  • Manufacturer 's liability: brand and product reputation at the world level, as well as high quality standards.
  • A wide range of cooperation partners: LV, LT, EST and FIN.
  • Product delivery: within 1-3 working days.
  • Free training programs for partners.
  • Warranty and post-warranty service: spare parts are available in stock in Riga, Brivibas gatve 401c.
  • Warranty period: 2 years.
  • Warranty handling: up to 14 working days.


Our collaborative approach offers essential professional tools for system installers and more opportunities for system users. Today, the heart of technology is the person who has the opportunity to participate in the process, lead it and see the results. Thanks to the U-Link platform, we can offer new opportunities. The system user can control his own automated devices and the system as a whole.


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Kāpēc izvēlēties vārtu automātiku?

Ja jūs dzīvojat privātmājā vai jūsu darbavieta atrodas slēgtā teritorijā, visdrīzāk, katru dienu jums vismaz 4 reizes jākāpj ārā no mašīnas, lai atvērtu un aizvērtu vārtus. Ja ikdienā veicamo darbu sarakstā ir arī citas aktivitātes – bērnu pulciņi, pārtikas iegāde, hobiji, tikšanās ar draugiem vai izbraukumi pie klientiem, vārtu atvēršana un aizvēršana var kļūt par visai laikietilpīgu pienākumu. 



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