"Stieress", Ltd., Camping

"Stieress", Ltd., Camping

Upesgriva, "Stieres", Mersraga p., Mersraga n., LV-3284, Latvia www.stieres.lv

About us

The campsite is located 95 km from Riga, in Upesgriva (on the side of Sloka-Talsi road P131), 50 km from Tukums city. We offer a peaceful, relaxing rest from the daily hustle and bustle in double and quadruple houses. In our campsite it is possible not only to have a pleasant rest, but also to have a hearty meal after a pleasant walk in the pine forest or after an active rest by the sea. We can accommodate at the same time:
  • Camping houses - 40 guests;
  • Tent sites at the same time - 40 guests;
  • 2 trailer places.
In the territory of the camping there is a well-maintained service building with showers, laundries, WC. The children's camp provides healthy and balanced nutrition and cozy accommodation, as well as offers the opportunity to actively relax:
  • sports games; daily swimming at sea; activities and walks by the sea and in a pine forest.
The campsite is open from 1 June until 31 August. From 1 May to 31 May and from 1 September to 30 September for groups by prior arrangement.


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