"Zivermuiza", Ltd., Guest house

"Zivermuiza", Ltd., Guest house

Juglas 18h, Riga, LV-1024, Latvia zivermuiza.eu/


The guest house is located in Riga, in a green area, next to Bikernieki Forest, near Jugla Lake, in a closed area. Very convenient location, transport 10-15 min walk. The guest house has a parking lot with video surveillance, a lifting barrier, well-kept lawns, several rock gardens, a fountain, a sports field, a winter skating rink, a playground with a shed, trampoline, swing and sandpit. There are buildings, garden and area lighting. The area has a bath and a sauna. We can accommodate up to 100 guests. Professional audio equipment, laser light, smoke machine, TV, WI-FI and karaoke, darts and moody concert pianos are available. One of the halls has a wood fireplace. The building is equipped with fire and security alarm, video surveillance, warm floors in cold weather. The guests can be accommodated in four rooms, there is a kitchen, toilet and shower, wood and gas grill, fireplace. We started welcoming guests in August 2018, so everything is still new. We offer cheap transfers.


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