"ALTECO", SIA, Security systems in Vidzeme

"ALTECO", SIA, Security systems in Vidzeme

Valnu 5, Cesis, Cesu n., LV-4101, Latvia www.alteco.lv

About company

Video surveillance. Alarm Automatic fire and alarms. Security systems. Data networks. Optics welding. Optical data networks. Electric installation. Low power networks. Construction services. Automation Cesis. Valmiera Sigulda Limbaži Valka Valmiera Madona Vidzeme Riga.

Main activity lines are:

  • Automatic fire detection and alarm equipment project creation - designing
  • Automatic fire detection and alarm equipment installation, monthly maintenance
  • Automatic fire alarm system installation and maintenance
  • Video surveillance system designing and installation
  • Security and safety system designing and installation
  • Sound system designing and installation
  • Access system designing and installation
  • Various non-standard electronic equipment designing, creation and installation

  • Advantages

    Company's specialists constantly improves their knowledge by attending various seminars and exhibitions related to company's business areas. They should be - building management systems EVS (BMS - building managment system) and computer control. As well as regularly improving in existing sectors of activity visiting the manufacturer training courses. According to experiments carried out, we offer our clients the most efficient products. By expanding, we have opened a shop section in our website where you can buy our offered goods for your comfort and well-being, but most importantly - for your economy.


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    Business region

    Amatas, Drabešu, Drustu, Dzērbenes, Inešu, Jaunpiebalgas, Kaives, Liepas, Līgatnes, Mārsnēnu, Nītaures, Priekuļu, Raiskuma, Raunas, Skujenes, Stalbes, Straupes, Taurenes, Vaives, Vecpiebalgas, Veselavas, Zaubes, Zosēnu pagasti, Cēsis, Līgatne

    Legal information

    Registration certificate number 44103087418

    VAT number LV44103087418

    Legal address Cēsu nov., Cēsis, Vaļņu iela 5 - 1, LV-4101

    Submitted of annual reports 2018

    Owners 1

    Founded 26.07.2013

    Number of officials 1


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