"JVMD", Ltd.

"JVMD", Ltd.

Akademijas 17b, Jelgava, LV-3001, Latvia www.jvmdlogi.lv


Since 2007 SIA JVMD has been operating as a separate unit of SIA Montāžnieks DE, which offers PVC windows, doors, blinds, gates in Jelgava, Kalnciems, Dobele, Bauska, Iecava and Auce. We offer window adjustment, gasket change, window trim, glazing of balconies and loggias. We offer balcony and patio sliding doors. Call T.25445432


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Legal information

Registration certificate number 40003939837

VAT number LV40003939837

Legal address Ozolnieku nov., Ozolnieku pag., Ozolnieki, Viktorijas iela 15, LV-3018

Submitted of annual reports 2018

Owners 1

Founded 17.07.2007

Number of officials 1


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