"Liktensvece-A.U.G.", Ltd., 24-hour undertaker's office

"Liktensvece-A.U.G.", Ltd., 24-hour undertaker's office

Raina 28, Jelgava, LV-3001 (Entrance from the Sports Shop) liktensvece.lv/
Funeral accessories

Funeral accessories

Coffin samples

Coffin samples

Funeral floristry

Funeral floristry

We are not leaving you alone in misfortune!

Company "Likteņsvece" has been operating since 2013 and provides funeral services both in Jelgava and Dobele, as well as in the rest of Latvia. The range of services includes organizing and conducting of mourning ceremonies, including arranging formalities, transporting of the deceased and decorating of premises. There are also various funeral accessories available. Funeral costs - from 305 EUR (price includes coffin, silk cover, grave digging, digging up, carriers, fir tree needles and candles)


  • Transportation of deceased
  • Document formating
  • Funeral supplies and accessories
  • Organizing and conducting of funeral ceremony
  • Funeral floristry
  • Free consultation

  • Funeral ceremonies organization and management, cremation

    • Various religions pastors
    • Secular ceremony masters
    • Musical arrangement
    • Transport for funeral guests
    • Grave excavation services
    • Digger, carrier services
    • Photo and video services
    • Carrier services at funeral
    • Farewell organization before or after cremation


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    Legal information

    Registration certificate number 43603068602

    VAT number LV43603068602

    Bank "SEB banka"

    Bank Account LV55UNLA0091021609970

    Legal address Jelgavas nov., Sesavas pag., "Prīmulas", LV-3034

    Submitted of annual reports 2019

    Owners 1

    Founded 25.02.2015

    Number of officials 1


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