"oRiGiNaL.Lv", Ltd.

"oRiGiNaL.Lv", Ltd.

Sabiles 22, Riga, LV-1046, Latvia www.original.lv


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About company

Company has several lines of action: aid to private and corporate customers in computer system and telecommunications system maintenance, electronic equipment repair, hosting, low-voltage networks and home automation, as well as original electronic products trade. The company also offers assistance in troubleshooting problems by phone, remotely via the Internet or on-site at client's office. Store oRiGiNaL.Lv product range includes also computers and their programs, phones, printers and camcorders. We sell new and used goods. There is a discount program for hardware purchase, repair and prophylaxis.


  • IT support and computer network service
  • Sale of new and used computers
  • computer repair and prevention
  • assembly work and design
  • video surveillance and security systems
  • routers, router programming
  • computer networking and upgrading
  • video cameras, servers, security systems
  • hosting and domain registration
  • IP telephony
  • cable assembly and certification
  • home automation

  • Technical support for firms:

    • telecommunications and computer systems inventory, auditing
    • IT solution development and implementation
    • computer systems development
    • computer systems (computer, telephone, video and access control systems) complex service

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      Legal information

      Registration certificate number 40103172258

      VAT number LV40103172258

      Legal address Babītes nov., Babītes pag., Mežāres, Gleznotāju iela 1-2, LV-2101

      Submitted of annual reports 2019

      Owners 1

      Founded 26.05.2008

      Number of officials 1


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SIA "oRiGiNaL.lv" – datoru apkalpošana, IT atbalsts un hostings

Mūsdienu digitālajā laikmetā neviena uzņēmuma efektīva darbība vairs nav iedomājama bez datoriem un datorsistēmām. Taču, lai datortehnika strādātu pareizi, droši un ātri, kā arī nodrošinātu uzņēmumiem darba nepārtrauktību, svarīga ir kvalitatīva un savlaicīga datoru apkalpošana



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