RED serviss, LTD, Diamond drilling and sawing

RED serviss, LTD, Diamond drilling and sawing

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Diamond cutting

Diamond cutting

Construction works

Construction works

Floor polishing

Floor polishing

Diamond cutting

We offer cutting services for various building materials with professional diamond technology.

This technology allows the following works to be performed:
  • depth of cut 720 mm on one side,
  • cut out doors, windows and other technological gaps,
  • widen elevator shafts,
  • perform room reconstruction,
  • dismantle various foundations, floors, walls, etc.,
  • saw technological, deformation seams.

With the help of this technology, construction work can be done faster and with better quality.

Construction and reconstruction:

One of the directions of the company is construction. For more than 15 years, we have been carrying out various types of construction works in the territory of Latvia. The company has a certificate( license) for construction works.
Our company also manages construction projects, technical supervision of facilities.

Grinding and milling of floors

When laying large areas of the floor, measurement errors occur, so the floors are ground with large diamond discs. It is more efficient than laying floors with expensive leveling materials.
Our specialists have extensive experience in grinding and milling concrete floors. We will help level the floors by sanding from 1mm to 5mm thickness and milling from 5mm to 7mm.


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