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"Tadeo", Ltd., Legal advice bureau

"Tadeo", Ltd., Legal advice bureau

Dika 44, Riga, LV-1004, Latvia
About Tadeo

About Tadeo

Legal services

Legal services



About us:

Representation of the client's interests is basically ensured
  • in the field of civil law;
  • in the field of administrative law.
In the field of civil law, we will provide support in matters of commercial law, family law, contract law and property law. According to the need, we will provide professional support to both natural and legal persons by preparing various necessary documents (eg letters, claims, various contracts / agreements, prepare the necessary claims and applications for their submission to the court). We will analyze and, if necessary, recommend making corrections in the already prepared documents. If necessary, we will represent your interests in state and municipal institutions, courts and law enforcement agencies.


  • Legal advice;
  • Real estate transactions;
  • For concluding and divorcing a marriage, resolving issues of maintenance and access rights - preparation and representation of contracts, claims, settlements in court;
  • Preparation of an application for insolvency proceedings of a natural or legal person for submission to a court;
  • Settlement of inheritance disputes;
  • Registration of enterprises - including preparation of documents required for registration of a social enterprise for submission to the UR;
  • Labor law - drafting and adjusting employment contracts, drafting the company's internal regulations, resolving labor disputes;
  • Debt collection - conducting negotiation procedures, preparation of claims, warnings, representation of debtors 'and creditors' rights interests.
  • Representation of legal interests in various institutions - SRS, UR, BVKB, SLI, etc.

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    Jānis 25 august 2020, 17:56
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    Legal information

    Registration certificate number 40203193400

    VAT number LV40203193400

    Legal address Rīga, Duntes iela 34, LV-1005

    Submitted of annual reports 2019

    Owners 2

    Founded 04.02.2019

    Number of officials 2


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